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JH Grass Fed is a local family-owned operation offering Grass Fed/Grass Finished beef and lamb. Our charge is to furnish health- and quality-conscious consumers with the best quality meat, free from hormone, antibiotics, grains, and other feed by-products. Our meat is locally processed, dry-aged and inspected under Arizona Department of Agricultural regulations. The results are a quality product that is delicious, flavorful, and a tasty alterative to commercial commodity meat products.

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April 4th Update:  Thank you everyone for sending in their preorders.  Reminder to have all farmers’ markets orders in by Thursday morning for Saturday’s pickup. Home delivery orders are filled by the date you place your order and the area for the delivery. We are starting to cut 6 more beef this week. For those ordering lamb we are out of some of the lamb cuts until end of April.  Most cuts of pork and chicken (except breasts) inventories are still good.  Once your meat order is filled we will email you with the amount due at the time of delivery or pickup at the farmers markets.
To Our Valued Customers,
We hope this email finds you doing well during these troubling times.  As you all know, the situation continues to change daily.  Therefore, we have decided to again adjust how we provide our products to you.  Please read below.
All Farmers' Markets:  In order to keep our family and staff safe, starting next week everyone will need to PREORDER online at www.jhgrassfed.com for pickup at Roadrunner Park, Mommas, Carefree, and Up Town Farmers' Markets.  We will not have inventory in the trailer to order at the time of the market.  Once your order is filled, you will receive an email confirming the pickup date, the amount due, and the pickup location.  You can pay with a credit card, check, or cash.  By doing this we can reduce facetime at delivery and ensure we have the cuts you are looking for. We appreciate your understanding.  Remember we do provide Free Delivery to your home.
Know we are working as fast as we can to fill orders with the support of our processing plant and their schedules.  They are very busy also, and they are working with us to give us a steady supply of meat.  Our lead time for filling orders is dependent on the processing time.  Lead time can be up to 1 to 2 weeks for small orders and 3 to 5 weeks for larger orders.  For now we continue to not fill requests for whole or halves.  
When ordering know that some items are limited.  For instance, we currently have a limited supply of chicken breasts.  We will email you if we cannot complete your order.  You may want to give alternative choices that you would accept if a certain item is not available.  That would speed up the ordering process.  
Lastly, we have not raised our prices to date, and we will do so only if our costs rise.  We have always based prices on our costs, and nearly all of our beef and lamb prices have actually gone down over the last five years, following this policy.
We thank you all for your understanding and for supporting local business.  
JH Grass Fed Family

Alaskan Pride is open! Besides their seafood they offer a selection of JH Grass Fed beef, lamb, chicken, pork, and turkey. You can also pre-order and pick up there. 3634 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 www.alaskanprideseafoods.com

Update March 16th:  As you are aware, there has been a rush on food suppliers during this stressful time.  We are no exception.  Due to the increase in orders, to be fair to all our customers, and to maintain an even supply of available meat, we have made the decision to no longer offer bulk orders of halves and wholes.  We will continue to offer starter, mini, and family packs and quarters.  If this “social separation” directive continues for several weeks, we will accept additional orders within a reasonable time.  We hope that by following this practice, we will be able to offer a steady supply of meat to all our customers during this unprecedented situation.  We will reevaluate this policy once the federal “covid-19” mandates are lifted.  Thank you for your understanding.

JH Grass Fed is a family owned business and we want to take care of our customers and community just like our family during these unprecedented times.  We will be continuing to attend the local farmers’ markets at this time, but wanted to extend an offer that we do provide free home delivery on all preorders online.  We will be implementing further precautions, so that we may continue to provide you with our products.  Below is a list of implementations that we all can do to reduce risks of transmission of any virus and protect the community.

At the farmers’ markets 

Please wash your hands prior to arrival.  If you are sick please set up home delivery or have another person to pick up your order.  You will need to preorder online.  We will be wearing gloves and will change gloves with each cash transaction.  We will clean surfaces frequently with disinfectant.  Farmers’ market venders have agreed to not greet people with hugs and handshakes or touch customers.

Free Home Deliveries

Please wash your hands prior to our arrival.  Please send an email if you are sick prior to our arrival, so we can take extra precautions.  We will disinfect surfaces frequently in truck.  We will wear gloves with each delivery.  We will not use reusable bags for delivery.

Farmers’ Market Delivery Box:  We are working with other venders and hope to be able to provide a farmers’ market box of seasonal vegetables along with our products.  We will create an Item Section in the Bone Broth and More on our webpage when that becomes available. 

JH Grass Fed along with Perkinsville Meat processing plant will continue to practice the highest of safety standards when packaging and handling the products.  We are both small family owned businesses that depend on the support of the community and each other.  All our meats are inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture at the processing plant.  

We look forward to continuing to provide you with our products and will keep you updated on any closures or changes that may come in the future.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at jhgrassfed@gmail.com or call: 602-769-4614. Thanks for your interest. John