Cage Free Chicken

We now have Ridgeview Farms chickens, home of the happy chicken. We are offering these cage free chickens, raised and processed in Chino Valley (Paulden), AZ,The birds are Cornish hen crosses.  Ridgeview Farms do not vaccinate or feed animal byproducts to the chickens. Organic grains are mixed at the farm. The chickens are offered at Farmers Markets and are priced $4.95 per lb. for a whole chicken with weights of 2.5-3.5 lbs each. Cut-up whole chickens add $3.00.

We are now offering in lb. + - bags:

Legs, $5.25/ lb., Breast - Skinless & Boneless, $7.95 / lb., Thighs, $6.25 / lb., Wings $4.75 / lb., Chicken Livers $4.50 / lb.,  Quarters $5.75, Other parts - (feet, neck, backs) $3.75 / lb.
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